Lauren & Greg - Kiana Lodge Wedding, Poulsbo, WA

Lauren & Greg’s wedding was one we’ll never forget.  Visually it was stunning and the weather was perfect, but there was more to the day than just that.  The ceremony took place at “Granny’s” a beautiful home on Bainbridge Island that felt like it was a thousand years old.  It was filled with treasures from generation upon generation and I could have spent the entire day listening to the stories about each one.  Granny, the house, the memories that had been created there, that bond and focus on family is what made this wedding special.  As someone who values family above all else, I was so impressed with Lauren & Greg’s ability to create such a gorgeous and grand affair, while still remaining sentimental and focused on what really matters.  There was surprise after surprise…a getaway boat from Granny’s home to Kiana Lodge, next Conan O’Brien delighted guests as he introduced the couple into the reception, and finally a full fireworks show.  It was amazing and we were truly honored to capture such  a magnificent day.